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Product Care

To keep your items looking their best we recommend the following:

Fabric sofas, chairs, footstools & beds.

  • If you have feather seat interiors - brush the cover with a soft upholstery brush (a vacuum could pull the feathers into the cushion fabric).
  • You will need to occasionally, gently vacuum the non-feather parts of your furniture, using the soft brush attachment, to remove any dust that may otherwise build up.
  • Avoid leaving your furniture in direct sunlight, as this can cause fabrics and leather to fade in a short period of time. Prolonged exposure to sunlight (such as a conservatory) can also cause certain fibre types to break down and become weak, take care to protect the upholstery and to avoid damage.
  • Certain fabrics (i.e Harris Tweed) with typical long woven stitches are vulnerable to snagging by sharp objects, such as buckles, studs, rings, children’s toys and even pets.
  • Consideration of weight placed on your furniture and uneven distribution of weight can result in excess load being applied to the frames and spring units. Over time, this can change how the furniture feels to sit on.

Leather sofas, chairs, footstools & beds.

  • Leather does require regular dusting. You can gently buff away light scratches and scuffs using a soft cloth or chamois, but it has to be very gently to avoid any colour change to the leather.
  • Do not use saddle soap. cleaning solvents, furniture polish, oils, waxes, abrasive cleaners, general stain removers or any silicone or ammonia based products.
  • Always check that a scratch removal cream is suitable for your particular leather before you use it.
  • Be aware that sunlight is a natural bleaching agent and can cause leather and fabrics to fade. Exclusive heat will draw out the moisture that is naturally present in leather which can cause it to fade, dry out and potentially crack and will lead to a deterioration of its performance. Never place aniline dyed leather furniture in direct sunlight (such as a conservatory).

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