Measuring Guide

Please ensure that you measure before buying your sofa or large pieces of furniture, to make sure that they will not only fit where you want them to go, but are also able to fit through the spaces they need to go through to get to their new home.

We are unable to refund upholstery of furniture because it does not fit. It is the buyers responsibility to make sure that it will fit.

When you are checking measurements, please remember to allow for any tight angles, radiators, bannisters and other architectural features. Some of our sofas have removable legs to help with accessibility issues, please contact us for more details or to confirm that your chosen sofa or chair comes with this option.

To help ensure that your furniture and upholstery will fit in your home, please follow this step by step guide:

  1. Take a note of the main dimensions of the furniture - its width, depth, height and diagonal depth if available.
  2. Measure the area that you would like to put your chosen furniture or upholstery item, to make sure that it will fit into that place. You can use a floor plan or mark out the area with low tac tape. Some people like to use newspaper.
  3. Work out what the best route is to get your furniture or upholstery item from the delivery van into the place that you want it to go. You will need to measure everywhere that it will travel, including all the doorways, the hallway, the staircase if it's going up to a higher floor than ground level. Don't forget to measure ceiling heights, lift openings and any wall dimensions where the item will need to go around a corner. The width and diagonal depth needs to be less than the width of any doorway, stairway, hall or lift, to be able to get through.


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