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Sofa Styles

Sofa Styles

Are you looking for the right type of sofa for your home? Is there a right style?  How do you pick the sofa that suits your living room the best? With our quick guide, we hope you get the inspiration you need to choose a sofa that puts your personality into your home.

These Sofa Styles are from our FF Sofa Collection

How Do You Lounge?

So let’s think. How do you like to lounge in your living room? Do you stretch out to the very end of the sofa? Or rest your tired feet up on a footstool? Do you like to prop your arm up on a wide armrest or are you looking for a luxurious home decor statement piece?

Whether you’ve had your eye on that traditional button back sofa for a while now, or you simply want to update the well worn family sofa with something modern, here are some ideas for you.

Different Sofa Types and Styles

We’ve got several different styles that may interest you from Bowerbirds Interiors.

The Button Back One

Ideal for: A luxurious living room look

This style is a beautiful classic piece of upholstery, yet it can still look modern. It’s a delightful sofa with an elegant ‘take it easy’ style. The classic design, including the polished turned hardwood legs gives the sofa an impressive overall look that fits easily into a contemporary or traditional living room. A button back sofa provides oodles of comfort thanks to its sumptuous sprung fire seats and super loop sprung back. The deep button detailing along with the polished hardwood feet provide a luxurious finish, while the upright arms make maximum use of your available space.  You can create a bespoke look by selecting the size, fabric and colour.

This image shows the Truffle Sofa

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